a freelance filmmaker,
editor based in Belgium

About idealistcs

About me

I work as a freelance filmmaker, editor based in Belgium. I’m available to work worldwide.

I’m Jordi Dobbelaere, owner and creator of Idealist Creative Studio. Within Idealist CS I work as a videographer, content creator and editor and have the necessary and latest material at my disposal. This ranges from cameras, stabilizers, lighting and sound… to the latest FPV drone. As a young independent freelancer I’m always looking for interesting and challenging collaborations with various companies for which I can create new content. My passion for film grew out of my passion for sports and outdoor activities, from this I draw my daily inspiration and energy to perform in my work and life. 
I enjoy sharing my range of ideas and knowledge with clients and through shared-decision making I transform the inner image of the client into a story in reality. My drive, passion and creative mindset describe me and always ensure an innovative result, with which both I and the customer are satisfied. If you are interested in a customized video for your company and you are open for a new collaboration, do not hesitate to contact me and who knows, this contact may grow into a nice challenging collaboration.
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